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Feb 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

I just found your blog and am still pretty new to radical feminism. Read the about me and was a bit confused about the critical of heterosexuality thing? I'm a straight woman myself as well as a baby radfem, so I'm curious about the criticism cuz I'm not sure what you mean, but I'd love to know :)

Compulsory heterosexuality is an integral part of the female gender role, into which females are socialized from birth.

Being the embodiment of sex-based power dynamic, heterosexuality should never go without criticism in a feminist context.

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    It was a joke. Radical Feminism is rad!
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    Whoops I’m not sure if this is meant playfully or as in that it’s actually a bad thing
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    I don’t think anyone has ever fucking said that?
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    What’s with het women excusing men for their predatory behavior but claiming lesbians (who have done absolutely nothing...
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    Um… I’m a heterosexual radfem and I absolutely question my own attraction to men. Also no lesbian radical feminist has...
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    Omg. The only thing I got out of this shitty ass argument is: "Heterosexual girls should question their heterosexuality...
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    she probably doesn’t even know what it means
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    ~plebians~ wow, you just FEEL the pretentiousness oozing out of this one. I guess university doesn’t teach you HOW to...
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